wireless - flexible - 0,8 mm thin - homogenous heat production
Heating element type F80
raw materials:
base:     glass-fabric impregnated with electric conducting plastic
busbars: silver-plated strips of electrolyte-copper 10 mm (standard)
or 6 mm wide.
insulation:  polyester/polyethylene compound foil, hot-sealed
connection: soldering pad or soldered wires with silicone sealing
  or double-rivets (soldered or AMP-connector)
technical data:
max. dimensions:  600 x 2000 mm
max. temperature: 80 °C
max. specific heating power: 0,17 W/ cm²
voltage: 6 - 380 V (depending on dimension)
possible extra features:
  • self adhesive (one side or both sides)
  • thermostat rivet on the element as limitor
  • high quality thermic insulation cover
  • conductive silver for improvement of the busbars
Thin film heating up to 80 °C, rectangular or square geometries.
Applicable under dry conditions for small installation highs.