warm feet at lowest costs
The carpet with the plug!


easy to use:

Just place the heating carpet on the floor and plug the cord in the socket.
The high-quality components used for the manufacturing of the HTS Heating Carpets guarantee a long-living product.

energy saving:
The energy consumption is, depending on the carpet size, 2-6 % of a 2 kW electric heater!
Because you generally feel warmer without cold feet, the room temperature can be lowered by 2-3 °Celsius, saving even more energy.
A temperature reduction of 1 °C saves about 5 - 7 % of the heating costs.

Gentle heat radiation by THERMOTEX®-Heating Foil. The well known old rule:
„Keep your head cool and your feet warm, then you won’t need the doctor“ is optimally achieved.
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Within a few days you can enjoy the warming comfort of a HTS Heating Carpet!