Low temperature heating provides comfortable warmth
Thermotex floor-heating: quick and simple to install

Due to the homogenous and soft warming of the floor, this heating system provides a comfortable room climate. Carefull calculation of the heating power and the possibility of controlling both, the floor temperature as well as the room temperature by an electronic thermostat cause an optimum of heating comfort.

This heating system is particularly suitable for ceramic floor coverings.
Especially in bathrooms of houses with central heating, a warm floor could be achieved at low costs without turning on the central heating.

The installation is simple and quick: First the thermal insulation boards are laid on the bottom, then the heating elements are placed on it and covered with a sliding foil and a protecting grid.
The pipe for the temperature sensor is fixed and finally the floor covering is applied.
THERMOTEX floor heating systems can be combined with concrete slabs, dry floor coverings or wooden floors on wood under-constructions.