gentle heat under the pew by radiation - only 2.5 cm high
Thermotex Under Pew Heater

The THERMOTEX pew heating system consists of flat panels which are screwed under the pew and closed to all sides.
The heat is emitted as infrared radiation and is focused to the feet. As the air is not used as heat-transportation medium, there is no convection and transportation of dust which causes soiling.
Controlled by electronic temperature controller, the temperature of the heating panel can by adjusted to the individual requirements.
No part of this panel is getting hotter than 80 °C and the design avoids the setting of dust on the heating surface.
Due to that there is no bad smell during the first up-warming of the heating system.

The heating as protector of heritage:
> targeted apply of heat radiation - you save energy
> invisible by super-flat heating panels
> no heating wires, heat production over the whole area
> very gentle to organ, paintings and sculptures
> safe operation due to low temperature level
> over 25 years of practice and experience