Homogenous heating over the entire floor
THERMOTEX heating system for stone floors

Churches, which are designated to be warmed at higher temperatures (e.g. if they are used for concerts or similar events) are potentially at risk to get damaged by the heating.
It is very important that the heating is gentle and homogenous over the whole area.
The THERMOTEX heating system for stone floors is used for all areas with stone, ceramicor marble floor covering.
As the THERMOTEX heating system is working at low temperatures and the heating foil has to be applied over the entire area, temperature differences are as small as possible.
This prevents convection so that pollution is avoided.
Both floor-temperature as room-temperature can be controlled very accurate.
The heating inertia is quite high, so it takes some hours until the system is heated up.
This heating system is usually used as base heating at lower temperature in combination with an additional heating (e.g. under pew heater).