energy-saving and protection of heritage becoming more important
Thermotex Church Heating Systems: economically and gentle

The heating of a Church is one of the most difficult heating problems.
Beside the aspects of heritage protection you have to consider varying usage and have to keep the costs as low as possible. Heating up the entire room will result in high costs and may cause damages on the organ and the frescos due to too low humidity. Further the temperature of the heating areas should not be too high to prevent convections and pollution by dust transportation.
We are engaged in heating of Churches since more than 25 years and we are able to offer you different solutions depending on the requirements of the project and its designated usage.
The basic principle of or heating systems is to produce heat at low temperature but in a largest possible area and to bring this heat to the visitors of the Church with less heating up the building.

The advantages of THERMOTEX Church heating systems:

> low energy consumption
> no transportation of dust
> nothing of this heating system may leak or freeze
> no maintenance
> easy to control